tie these hands



木曜日, 8月 4th, 2011

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tie these hands

Tie These Hands is an indie rock band from Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska fronted
by identical twins, Aram and Naum Stauffer who share singing, guitar, and
song-writing talents. Their brother Seth Stauffer and Ryan Phillips make up
the rhythm section, playing drums and bass respectively. In 2002 this
four-piece band from the Midwest released their first full-length album,
“Wearing Red”, and in 2003 they followed it up with “Collective Efforts”
which is a split cd with local instrumental rockers Mr. 1986. Then in 2006
they released their second full-length album, “We Work Out”, and now five
years later are getting ready to release their third full-length album,
“Come On”.

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