About Kilk Records

An independent label based in Tokyo, Japan .
It established by Daichi Mori (Aureole) in 2010.
The encounter to the Music which can even change your life...
We deeply hope to release such a soulful musics to you.

Alternative, post-rock, electronica, techno, psychedelic, Progressive, folk,
avant-garde, ambient, hip hop, Breakcore, industrial, jazz, classical, ethnic music....

We don't pick the genre as the label if make someone being deeply moved emotionally
Kilk Records is particular about 'creativity and originality'.
Johann Sebastian Bach, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Radiohead, Eifekkusutsuin....
Those incredible works are just came from their 'creativity and originality', I think.

We will release a lot of works future.
Please enjoy Kilk Records's music with us.

Kilk Records

Aureole Chris Olley Blindfold
Aureole Chris Olley Blindfold
Stripmall Architecture Worm is green Les rideaux clandestins
stripmall architecture worm is green Les rideaux clandestins
Urbansole glaschelim Sundelay
urbansole Glaschelim sundelay
loof Ferri Ferri
Lo"o"f Ferri u"ka


If you are interested in distribution with Kilk Records, Send your CD or CD-R to

Kilk records,
351-0101,2-9-19 Shirako Wako-city, Saitama, Japan.

Please understand we canft send them back to you.

If you are out of Japan, please give us the e-mail with your name, URL address which is able to check your demos and your bio(info) .

If you have any questions, please feel free to mail to: rena@kilk.jp (english/japanese)