木曜日, 2月 17th, 2011

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About Aureole

A post-rock / alternative band formed in 2007 and consisting of six members; Daichi Mori (Vo., Gt. & Programing), 彩子 Yano (Syn. & Flute), Ryuta Okazaki (Ba. ), Takaharu Nakamura (Gu. ), Takumi Nakazawa (Dr. ), Kaori Sato (Vibs. & Glocken).
The sound through rock, post-rock, and electronic and the side as ” the song thing” by the vocal which was particular about Japanese words daringly while being conscious of English pronunciation.
These two factors achieve novel fusion without contradicting it.
The radical and literal lyrics are combined with the high musical piece characteristics mark by Mori, and have a hunch for the parallel world, mythical and story-like world.
They carry out a live activity positively around Tokyo and lead the number of the overwhelming mobilization now.

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