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  • stripmall architecture

    Stripmall Architecture formed when Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom’s previous band, Halou, dissolved[1]. The e […]

  • Ekko

    EKKO is an alias or solo project for Danish composer and multi instrumentalist, Frithjof Toksvig, born 1962. F […]

  • Meme

    Meme is a band consisting of Keisuke Nakazawa, Yasuhiro Matsuzaki and Banpei Beppu. They don’t decide particul […]

  • Manuok

    Manuok is a touring band from San Diego, Ca. and a recording project of Scott Mercado. The band is Geoff Hill, […]

  • 虚弱。(Kyojaku)

    They reformed in November 2008. The current line-up reformed in Nov ’08. They started their live perform […]

  • Chris Olley

    Chris Olley is a Nottingham based musician and photographer. He is the lead singer and guitarist for Six By Se […]

  • Blindfold

    夢と現実のはざまを歩いているような独特のサウンドを奏でる、アイスランド在住の五人組バンド。 人の心を掴んで放さない魅力的な声のヴォーカル、感情の波のように揺らめくギター、そしてメランコリックで美しい楽曲の数々。Sigur […]

  • worm is green

    アイスランド出身の4人組バンド、worm is green。 2004年「Automagic」でデビュー。 歯切れの良いエレクトロニクス・サウンドと、非常に耳馴染みの良い歌メロが絡んだこのアルバムは、影の名盤として多くの […]

  • urbansole

    urbansole used to be a band style with 3 pieces, but after bass seceded the band, Fujisima create his new styl […]

  • Glaschelim

    Glaschelim formed on 2009. They are popular because of their Ambient/shoegazer/electric mixed beautiful instru […]

  • sundelay

    長塚大地(Guitar)、浅田泰生(Bass)、バロン(Drums)、弘瀬淳(Guitar)、鈴木和美(Flute)の5名からなるインストゥルメンタル・ロックバンド。2005年晩秋、「“此処ではない何処か”を音楽によって […]

  • Lööf

    Lööf formed by Yasuto Koibuchi (gt, key, sampler, programming) and Chihiro (vox, lyrics, artwork) in Tokyo [on […]

  • Ferri

    A solo project by Ferri (vo. key. programing), An artist from Fukuoka. She is active around Tokyo now. With a […]

  • üka

    A solo project by Yuka Kurihara, a Bristol-based Japanese female singer song writer who also sings for the pos […]